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Get Yourself Indulge in Fishing Bonanza

If there is any place in the world where you want to go again and again for water adventures then that place would be the Quepos in Costa Rica. Quepos  offer best quality fishing experience at a reasonable costs with everything included. The best thing about Quepos fishing is that you have got plenty of options to choose from.  

Apart from Quepos, there are several other places as well like the Marina. It is halfway situated around 90 minutes from downtown San Jose on the Pacific side of Costa Rica. From that point they angle the waters off Los Suenos, Jaco, Tambor, the inlet of the Nicoya and the open Pacific close Montezuma and Cabo Blanco. Los Suenos fishing and Tambor fishing are additionally acclaimed for their gutsy fishing alongside fishing Costa Rica. 
There are many private Quepos fishing charters which take daily tours from Los Suenos, Tambor, and Puntarenas. Be that as it may, regardless of where you leave from, all the Costa Rica Charter pontoons angle in the outstanding reg…

Thrill Yourself with Great Quepos Fishing Packages

Quepos in Costa Rica is not only a beautiful town, but also a great fishing destination. Excursion rentals in Quepos offer a wide range of services. When you are in the Quepos you will be paralyzed by lavish manors and houses set in the midst of dry tropical vegetation. Quepos Beach offers numerous fishing activities and other outdoor fun activities for the people who truly want to enjoy the life in Quepos way. If you are looking for more shaky land-based exercises, you can go trekking or climbing along trails along the slopes encompassing playa Quepos. You can likewise lease a mountain bicycle or bike in the event that you would prefer not to walk. 

Every year, an International Sport fishing Tournament is held in Quepos in which fishing lovers from different parts of the world comes and participates. Quepos Costa Rica fishing offers a great opportunity for the fishing enthusiast to show their skills.   Following an incredible outing on the Pacific numerous fishermen go to the world renowned Quepos marina for experiencing extravagant fishing. Fishermen searching for a portion of the best game angling in Costa Rica realize that the waters of the Quepos Costa Rica is known for its substantial quantities of billfish including sailfish and Marlin. 


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There are many reasons why Quepos is popular for fishing. Located in the west coast of the Costa Rica, Quepos is been considered the best fishing destination in the Central America. The thing that makes Quepos fishing is its calm and soft waters. Unlike other places in the Central America, where fishing is dangerous because water currents are high and oceans are usually quite violent. On the other hand water currents in the Quepos are very moderate and no high tides which make the ideal condition for best fishing.

Quepos also have many fresh water lakes and rivers where you can enjoy fishing. The fresh water lakes are idea for tuna fishing and you can simply do the fishing by your own without any fishing instructor. Although, if you want to do some real Quepos Costa Rica fishing like fad fishing then you need to move into the ocean and in midst of the sea where you can do fed fishing. You can do this kind of fishing in a private fishing charter or a fishing yacht. Although this kind o…

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Costa Rica is famous for fishing. The northern Caribbean drift from Parismina range north to Barra del Colorado is home to a portion of the best tarpon fishing. Luckily, here tarpon don't move excessively, so angling can be great all the year round. Since the climate on the Caribbean is pretty uncertain there are only few months which are better for fishing in this region. 

Mid-February to mid-May is an incredible time to fish along with September and October. These two periods offer fishermen the best opportunity for fishing. With regard to extraordinary climate and easy access to prime fishing locations, period between September and October is considered the best time of the year. 
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